Weddings & Events

Wine for Weddings

We at VG Wines are always available to give help and advice on the right wedding wines for your very special day. Alain Bras, multi-award winning Sommelier and wine lecturer, will guide you in picking your wedding wines. Simply email us your wedding menu and Alain will select some carefully chosen wines he knows will compliment the food, be ideal for your guests and won’t break the budget.

Quantity to order:

All wedding wines are on a sale or return basis so you can relax knowing that there will be enough for everyone on the day. Any unopened bottles may be returned for a full credit.

Liaising with hotel/venue’s wine person:

Also rest assured that the wines will be delivered at least a week before the wedding and Alain will liaise with the wedding co-coordinator or location manager to make sure the wine is being “cellared” properly, in readiness for your wedding day.

Special events

Wine for Special Events

All events are special to the people involved, whether it is an anniversary, birthday or simply a neighbourhood barbeque. Send us an email and we will gladly pick some wines to fit the occasion, to reflect your requirements and tastes. Picking a wine can be quiet daunting from the thousands available to choose from, however you can be sure of our commitment to find “quality wines” to suit the occasion.